About Capricorn coast

Capricorn coast is a 75 km stretch on the Shire of Livingston in Australia. The region gets its name due to its position with the tropic of  Capricorn, which it straddles.  It is the area between the Mouth of Water Park Creek and Fitzroy River.

 The coastal strip has a small population with a number of small towns and islands. It has a rich history including active participation in World War II where about 30,000 USS soldiers were living there during the war. The historical society at Capricorn Coast is working hard to make sure that they do not lose this aspect and there is a  war museum which has a lot of memorabilia from the war. The St. Christopher’s chapel was built by the soldiers and renovations have been done to restore it to its original condition.

Capricorn Coast is home to the Darumbal aboriginals. One of the first explorers to the region was James cook in 1770 who gave the different parts of the coast their names. In 1804 Matthew Flinders explored the area further and also gave quite a number of places their names. Then came other explorers shortly after including Philip parker in 1820, Ludwig Leichhardt and Thomas Michelle in 1844 and 1846 respectively and William and Charles Archer in 1853.

The local inhabitants of Capricorn coast like their lifestyle, and participate in a wide range of economic activities including fishing, manufacturing, grazing, and growing of crops. One of the largest farms at the northern part of Capricorn coast belongs to the Australian army and the military use it as a training base.

 Capricorn coast also provides a lot of research material for those in marine biology and environmental studies. A lot of academicians from all over the world come to Capricorn Coast because of the rich resources that provide rich content for their academic research papers.

Capricorn  Coast gets its share of visitors because of the abundance of low budget facilities and a large number of things to do. There are so many activities you can enjoy including snorkeling, swimming, hiking, excursions amongst others. The Yeppoon lagoon, a 2500 square meter pool that is made in the Bali style provides free access to the locals and is therefore very popular.  The Keppel Kraken also offers free access to locals and has a host of activities like umbrella buckets, water cannons among others. These two places are very popular with families

 If you do not want to take advantage of the abundance of cost-friendly accommodation that is available in the form of hotels, bungalows or villas that you can rent, you can enjoy the camping facilities available at Capricorn Coast National Parks.

Final thoughts.

Capricorn Coast has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment or a place to visit as a tourist. The sandy beaches, the national parks, and the cool climate all contribute to its charms. You can choose one of the many towns to visit and enjoy all that it has to offer.