Places to visit in Capricorn coast

If you get a chance to visit Australia but make sure you visit the Capricorn coast. The Capricorn coast is relatively small because it is only 75 km in length. Yet, it has a number of towns and islands that will give you very many places to visit and a great number of activities that you can enjoy. It is a great place for budget holidays and there is plenty for tourists to do including hiking, bushwalking, snorkeling among others.

So where can you find great places to visit when you go to the Capricorn coast.

Visit the Capricorn Caves.

The Capricorn caves are at the Berserker range and are a sight to behold because of the stalactites, coral, and the dangling fig tree roots.  Touring the caves should take you approximately one hour but it is worth every minute. You will pay a small fee to access them.

Enjoy the cuisine.

There are very many restaurants you can visit to enjoy the local cuisine. Some of the eateries that stand out include the Getaway Garden Cafe which is known for use of local ingredients. The cafe also has theme nights like Wednesdays and Sundays is for spit roasts.  Due to the popularity of the cafe, you may need to book ahead if you plan to enjoy the spit roast.

The botanic gardens.

The botanic gardens are a tropical man-made paradise which features many tropical plants and lagoons. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is the perfect place to go. The gardens also have a cafe where you can enjoy your meals, as well as a small zoo that will allow you to see some of the indigenous creatures like dingoes, wombats, monkeys, amongst others.

Visit their archer park rail museum.

 If you have a fascination for trains and railway stations then this is a perfect place for you. This museum has a variety of rail memorabilia. The use of digital sound will enhance the experience as you explore the museum. You can also take a ride on the Purrey steam tram that only runs on Sundays.

Visit the Central Queensland Military Museum

This museum contains artifacts from the military including uniforms from World War II, personal diaries, war photographs, buttons and midlands amongst others. All these are given to the museum by members of the community. 

Visit the deepwater national park.

 If you’re looking for a coastal landscape with sandy beaches, good fishing grounds, walking trails among others, then this is the place to be. If you visit between January and April you’ll be able to see loggerhead turtles hatching. You can also camp here but you will need a four-wheel vehicle to access the venue.

Visit Nob Creek Pottery.

If you have an appreciation for pottery, then make sure that you create some time to visit the Nob creek pottery. More than 45 artists showcase their work in 3 galleries, some of the things you may expect to see include woodwork, hand blown glass, jewelry, ceramics among others.